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Updated: Oct 26, 2023


will host this Sunday round 4 of the LL&DMCC club trials championship

will also be a round of the 

2023 welsh adult championship

Date : 29th october 2023

Venue: H20 Sellatyn  SY10 7PA

What 3 Words :  Lazy.Fluffed.profiled

Start time :  11:00 (signing on to close at 10:45)

Classes:  expert , inters,clubman(yellow) beginners (white route ) over 40s over 40 plus , twin shock , youth A ,Youth B , Youth C,Youth D, 

Youth C, Youth E (conducted ) (conducted please enter by wednesday prior to event or no course may be set)

Eligibility: Open to adults and youth 

Acu licence is required no day licences , entry via acu sport 80 

Course : 10 sections 4 laps 

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