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Our Club

Llangollen & District Motorcycle Club was established over 25 years ago, and is affiliated to the North Wales and Cheshire Center of the ACU. Our club is recognized as being capable of putting on top trials events in a varied venues all around the Llangollen area.  Fancy meeting up with us?  We meet on the first Monday of each month @ the Sun in Trevor - Sun Bank, Llangollen LL20 8EG

Round 6 Northern British Bike Pre 65 Trials Championship

Venue :-  Abbey farm camp site, Llangollen, Denbighshire, LL20 8DD

Date:-  Sunday 11th August 2024 

Entries:-  Open to Solo machines of British Manufacturer.

Entry Fee is £25 and is ONLINE ONLY via the ACU portal

Entries accepted up to Monday 5th August 2024. (Any entries received after this date will be classed as ‘Late’ entries and will be subject to the increased entry fee of £30.)

Entry closes Friday 11th August at 6pm or when full, which ever the sooner.   Entry limited to 120 competitors.

Course:-  One Lap of approx. 30 miles with approx. 30 sections.  2 routes , one marked out white    markers (easy route) other route marked our red and blue markers (expert route)


Fuel:- You can deposit you fuel can (smallest possible please!) with our re-fueling vehicle which will be located at signing on.  Mid event there will be a provided lunch where you will also be able to access your fuel can.


1 *   Tele fork / Girder Rigid                            6          Unit Expert

2 *   Pre-Unit Clubman                                   7          Two Stroke Expert

3 *   Vintage Two Stroke                                 8          Specials

4 *   Clubman                                                 9*         Twin Shock (Eased Route)

5      Pre-Unit Expert                                      10       Twin Shock

10   Twin Shock                                             11.        ((LL&DMCC Course opener  /closer)                                                           12  sidecar class 

                                                 * All ride eased routes


((LL&DMCC Course opener /closer) 12 sidecar class *


Riders: It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that your bike, helmet and clothing conform to the Road Traffic Act. Insurance: included in entry fee for eligible riders (please see acu website for details of eligibility )

​Fron Woods

LLDMCC  is very fortunate to have access to it's own practice grounds.  This is available to all paid up members and those who have paid the small matter of the £20 yearly licence fee for using the wonderful Fron Woods - if you don't have either please hit the Membership button above and make sure you are fully enrolled

Fancy some fresh air and a no holds barred banter?

Like getting dirty, wet, cold and sweaty?

If yes then your the bad boy or girl we're looking for!

Trials events do just happen, they need to be organised and built.

You don't need to be an expert, just willing and tolerate friendly abuse :-)      Fancy joining in?  

Just ask a team member "how can I help?"

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