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Round 2 at Cwm Aliss 12/06/16  - Results

There is a definite trend to the 2016 LLDMCC championship and that's called rain!

What can we expect we're in Wales for goodness sake.  Seeing as we were dealt a damp deal there was course easing going on both the day before and on the day but despite this some found the going a little difficult including getting off the car park at the end of the event :-(

Section nine was a bit of a roadblock as the riders were funnelled on to a slippy bank to climb, due to the conditions it took more than a few scalps but just as you think its not doable someone comes along and cleans it, Lewis Hurdsman was one of those and he is a little feller riding a Beta 80 on the yellow route no less, which goes to show that power is nothing without control.

If section 9 didn't  get ya then section 10 would as this started on an inclined bank which made even getting through the start gate not that easy after the final deluge of the day.  In "normal" conditions it would have been quite straight forward but the run up to cross a fallen tree offered Teflon like grip, which makes the 1 point dropped on that section by Paul Sager (over 40+) and Mike Leddy (over 40's) demonstrate that experience counts for a lot.

The other 8 sections were not so affected by the conditions but as is often said "its the same for everyone!''

Kyle Hayes once again showed his class by taking maximum championship points in the experts dropping only 17, either that or the rain washed the observers sheets clean :-)  And that leads us to say a big thank you to those who observed first in humid and then later in 100% humid conditions, unlike some competitors they grinned and bared it to the end.  Winner of the observers draw was Trev Hodge who for his sins observed the aforementioned section 9, at least he had a tree to lean against and shelter under.

Another trend was "Sherco" as four of the categories were won by Sherco mounted riders, not so long back it was wall to wall Gas Gas, even further back it was Fantic.  It seems no-one told Paul Smart, who we know is more than an average novice but never the less to win the class on a Fantic 200 given the circumstances was great to see and hear as the little 2 stroke buzzed like an angry wasp.

In 2nd Place in the over 40's was the one and only Scorpa steered by Torbjorn Eyre who missed the top step by only one point.

Again there was also a fair few Oset's out in the conducted.  At the last round special mention went out to Jess Widdowson who had dropped only 6 points not content with that she this time took the yellow route by only dropping a miraculous 1 point!!!

On the red route Dylan Hayes took the win just 2 points in front of Joe Chard.

There was a convincing winner in the pre-65, winning by less half of the second placed rider (not so smoking Terry Lloyd) marks, on his BSA 175 David Beddoes secured the win with only 30 marks on the score sheet, a great result considering the lack of suspension compared to the modern bikes.

Youth A & B was super close with only one point separating each of the riders. Ever improving Jacobs Evans took the win in Youth B and Jack Buckley took the honours in Youth A.

As this trial was not only a Llan event but also part of the Cheshire Centre Adult Championship it was never going to be a walk in the park, so anyone who finished the event was no loser in our eyes, well done to all who entered given the forecast and a big shout out to all those who dedicated their Thursday and Saturday afternoons in the run up to the event to make it all possible.

See you at round 3, where there will be sunshine and happiness by order of LLDMCC...