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Llangollen & District Motorcycle Club

was  established over 25 years ago, and is affiliated to the North Wales and Cheshire Center of the ACU. 

Our club is recognized as  being capable of putting on top trials events in a varied venues all around the Llangollen area.  Each year the club runs four rounds of its own trials championship as well as hosting national events like the Lomax and NBBC.  But we don’t just do “off road”.  If you have 2 wheels and an engine – we love ya!  Why not join us? Membership Page

Round 1 results.

Results from Round 1 can be found Here.

Well done to all those that entered for what was a quite tricky and interesting trial.  We will hopefully see you again for Round 2 at (we hope) a brand new venue!

Lomax Cup Trial - Results HERE

Upcoming Trials Events

Well we have to say a big thanks to everyone who turned up, you're as tough as old trials boots!  The weather was not great but according to many of those who we spoke to who completed the course you said it was stunning like the scenery.

Despite many being tired and damaged there were still smiles after the 40 miles which is why we all do it, whether you are a competitor, an organiser or a helper, we are certainly not in it for the money :-)

There weren't many who retired which given the difficulty is a testimony to how strong man and machine are in trials - sorry for not being politically incorrect as there were a few of you good ladies out there in the mud also.  

Well who did well?  Any one who finished did bloody well!

Most cleans came in class C from the last minute entrant Iwan Roberts 33 cleans and 4 points dropped, followed closely by stalwart Dan Thorpe on 32 cleans and 12 points dropped - BIG respect!

In class A it was a Sherco top 4, led by Luke Walker on 7 points dropped, Chris Pearson 14 points and last years winner James Fry on 14.  Best lady was Emma Bristow who was sixth in class on 31 points dropped.

But the big news is in class D - Guy Chandler, Tony Buckley, Sam Atherton on 16, 17, 18 points dropped respectively, as close as you like, guess there are some smiles of success and grimaces of what could have been, but each would shake the others hand and tell them they were just lucky and wait till next year.

And that is what makes trials great - you and your banter despite the challenges.  Although in my case I'll be happy to not here any more of the how are "Ewe" jokes aimed at my rib busting get off while marking out thanks to a crazed sheep :-0

Hope to see you all next Lomax and enjoy the rest of the trials this year.

Thursday, Jun 1 at 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Thursday, Jun 8 at 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sunday, Jun 11 All Day
Thursday, Jun 15 at 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Wayne & Cheryl Catering are the kind providers of hot and cold sustenance at each Llangollen Championship Round,


For those that wish to join the club and also for Fron Woods:

Membership form: Here.

Fron Woods form: Here.

Prizes all round at the Llan Bike Fest

Jacob gets more than he can handle

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